About Us

Xo Boutique is a brand dedicated to celebrating the essence of women everywhere. It's our unique prints, whimsical silhouettes and chic vibes that influence and give life to our effervescent collection. We know all women deserve to look and feel beautiful. It is this very thought that inspires our stylish selection.

We want your closet to feel beautiful and why not even glamorous. Our unique fashion forward pieces make dressing up fun and effortless. Our hope is that when you wear Xo Boutique it can add a little more sparkle in your step and a touch of glam to an already glamorous babe.

Meet the founder

  • Lupita Mendoza

    The founder of Xo Boutique

    Hi my name is Lupita  Mendoza! Welcome to Xo Boutique! I am a hairstylist that loves fashion. Dressing up is literally my favorite thing to do everyday, and making people feel pretty and confident. I always knew I wanted to have a boutique of my own, so I decided to open a boutique inside my salon. You get the best of both worlds! This has always been my dream. I hope you can find something here that makes you feel beautiful and confident.

    Happy Shopping Babes!

    XoXo Lupita